unix & Linux exam questions?

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I have been just breezing through some of the forum threads and seen that everyone has been saying that there are some tough unix/linux questions on the exam? Could you give me examples?


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    Unless the changed it from last august.

    there are networking questions that use Unix as an example, but they are really just general networking questions.

    As far as Unix specific, look into ifconfig.

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    Its seems like they have been throwing in some hard questions about unix/linux. I mean i know the basics like ifconfig, but not the commands. Wondering if there is any appletalk on the test also? I have to take this exam soon and get it over with!
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    Both topics can appear on your exam as they are listed in the exam objectives by CompTIA. The TechNotes above have a small list at the bottom which shows those exam objectives.
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    What I found was really helpful for Linux commands was burning an ISO of knoppix onto a cd, so you can boot from it and trying it out for a while. Works much better for me if I can see what a command does rather than trying to memorize lists of commands.

    But I think there was only one question on Unix/Linux when I took the exam
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    Since it is not specificially a "Microsoft" exam, the test isn't limited to just Windows stuff, but I wouldn't waste my time cramming with a Unix manual.
    Do you understand subnetting?
    Do you know what A, B, and C class address ranges are?
    Do you understand subnetting?
    Do you know what stands for?
    By the way, did I mention -- do you understand subnetting?
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