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I am taking my security+ exam this friday, and am wondering if I know enough. I have studied out of only one book and read this sites tech notes. The main thing I wanna know is if the out lines in the tech notes cover most of the material I need to pass. Not suggesting the notes have all the answers or anything like that, but do the catergories used cover most of the material I need to know so I can research more into those subjects?

I dont have much experience but I have a good amount of networking skills so I hope that helps more than I think.

Well thank you, and thanks to all those who helped me earn my N+


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    LarryDaManLarryDaMan Member Posts: 797
    Although they are great, I don't think the TechNotes provide 100% coverage. One way to find out for sure is to print out the test objectives from CompTIA and check off that you have studied each one. The test is not advanced, but a fairly high score is needed to pass compared to most CompTIA tests.

    I strongly suggest downloading the objectives.
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