passed 293 score 730

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Well 2nd Shot is making me a gambler. I did alright on my open book Transcender test so I figured I'd give it a try. Did pretty good on RRAS this time as opposed to 291 where I got zippo for RRAS. I thought I was going to score in the 800s so it seems to me to be a tricky test. Really, for the first 20 or so questions I was thinking, damn this test is easy, then it exposed my weaknesses in PKI. Apparently I did poorly in clustering/NLB as well. I still thought I was cruising for a good score though. OTOH my review was cut short when the Prometric test engine crapped out on me 3 times in quick succession with nasty hard disk thrashing so I just hit end exam(and then it crashed again) so as to quit tormenting myself.

Anyway on to 294.

Study Materials; CBT Nuggets, 2 Transcender tests, 293 resources on this forum, and selected reading from MS-Press 293, and MCSE Core in a Nutshell. Oh and don't forget all the repeat info from 291.
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