Small program I want to develop, need help.

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Currently here at work we have all of our apps distrubuted across about 6 drives. Some are buried so deep in folders they are practically impossible to find when needed. I want to develop a small application which can be run on any machine in the facility. The idea is to go to a machine, if they need something installed, just search and click and it installs.

I could just design a web page and host it on the server. I'll most likely be hard coding the entries, because I don't want a bunch of junk popping up when we do a search. I want to be able to search for Adobe, then the program or web page return the path name as a link, which allows me to click it and install the app with one click, without navigating through tons of folders and searching each drive manually. It would also serve as a database or names so we could keep track of all of our app locations.

Any suggestions would be nice. What type of language should I use? Would it be easier to do in VB or Java?


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    ...are those apps setup files; they should be icon_lol.gif . Well I assume they are, and I think it's not hard to make a little program for that. You'll just have to have a little database of file paths or even a simple text file with the file paths.

    This is how I understand your problem. You want to go to computer X and run an application that will give you many options of the various programs it has on its file sever (server X). It will then download the file to computer x's harddrive (or just install it off the server) and install the file?? Is that it?

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