Passed 290

MetaldaveMetaldave Member Posts: 102 ■■■□□□□□□□
Passed this on Monday, I thought the 270 was way harder, but then I put far more study into this expecting it to be harder.. If you know what I mean :) but my study of Share/NTFS permissions for 270 payed off this time round too!

The Sims were interesting, I was worried it remembered the mistakes so I kept resetting when I did something wrong or thought I did..

Used transcender and Mastering Windows Server 2003, I also did the 2274 Microsoft course and gave up my life for 8 days straight..

Anyway I'm pleased, on to 291.. I'm hoping to write this in a month or so? Is that realistic? I've looked into it and a friend passed it yesterday he reckons a month using Exam Cram would cover it?


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