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I am trying to learn cisco VOIP, so im trying to setup a lab and I wanted to know whats the easiest lab to setup to learn. Also, this question may be stupid but oh well, Cisco Call Manager, is that run on a server or on a web interface of a VOIP router. I was looking to get a IAD 2431 VoIP GATEWAY ROUTER and start my lab from there. I brought this up in the CCNA forum and they pointed me towards CDT nuggets for my information i just want to make 100% sure I get the lab part right.
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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    The easiest lab to start with would be two routers with FXS ports. Connect them with IP and configure it to make calls between the two.

    To your second question Callmanger is run on a server and Callmanager Express is run on the router but not through a web interface, its all CLI.
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    I'd wait until you start your studies to buy an IAD 2431. Not all the configurations would be useful, so you'd need to know what you're getting (and why) -- therwise it's just a costly Lab mistake. I found a couple of good ones last year -- but when the price went over $350US I decided to stick with multiple smaller routers.

    Check out the CCVP FAQ for some lab links.

    CallManager (Unified Communication Manager) runs on a Server -- and it competes with PBXs. V6 will run easily in a Lab Environment under VMWare.

    CallManager Express runs on a router -- and competes with Key Systems. It isn't a major part of the CCVP exam -- check the exam topics.
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