70-297 or 70-298

I am going to be looking to finish up my MCSE early next year and was wondering what all of you thought, which exam is a better exam? Does anyone have a preference?
I will only have the design exam to take after this semester.
Taking 70-294 very soon...again


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    royalroyal Member Posts: 3,352 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Do you do AD designs for work? If yes, 70-297.
    Do you do AD security? If yes, 70-298.
    Do you plan on obtaining MCSE:S? If yes, 70-298. If you do AD designs, maybe 70-297 as well if you don't already have the AD design knowledge.
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    TryntotechitTryntotechit Member Posts: 108
    Well, I'm not working in the IT field yet. I'm working in a factory right getting ready to finish up my Associate degree in networking. I hope to get a job soon in IT. At the end of this semester I will have one more exam to receive my MCSE-Security, so I'm not sure which exam to take. By the way it looks, the 70-297 would be a better fit.
    Taking 70-294 very soon...again
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