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Ok I think I found some wrong info in a book so want to make sure I am right.

A POP3 is for incoming email
An SMTP is for putgoing mail

Is this correct??

Ok next question... Lets say there is a problem and you cannot get to your email... Would you not go to the POP3 server by using it's IP address??

Thanks guys!!!


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    The answer to your first question is yes, SMTP is used to send mail and POP3 is a 'read-only' protocol. Here's a piece from a TechNote I've written for the Network+ exam:

    The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an Application layer protocol used to transfer e-mail. Connects to TCP port 25.

    While SMTP is used to send email, both the Post Office Protocol and the IMAP are use used to retrieve e-mail, the main difference between these two protocols is that POP3 can be used to access the "Inbox" folder only, the more complex IMAP4 can be used to access every server-based messaging folder (sent items, deleted items etc) hence eliminates the need for a local repository.
    Defined at the Application layer. POP3 connects to TCP port 110, IMAP4 connects to TCP port 143.

    Your second question:
    Depends on the problem, if you can't access the POP3 server because there is a problem with the DNS, then yes that could be the next thing to try.

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