linux compatibility

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Hello guys!
I hope you can help me with some advices.
I have been trying to download linux on my laptop and desktop but I cant do it when I boot up it tells me that cannot uncomppress files because of an incompatibility issue this happen in both laptop and desktop when I try to install mandrake 10 when I try to install red hat 9.0 the screen flickers and tells me cannot find the files .
I know that this is a hardware incompatibility issue but the I was wondering if somebody can give me an advice what to do so I can install linux on my systems without having to purchase another system because I cannot afford.
My laptop is a IBM THINKPAD R31 model 2676-xx3 x86 -based pc intel (R)celeron 1063 mhz processor 120mb memory cdrom drive 20 G hd TFT 14.1 inch display BIOS IBM 1FETF0WW.
Do You think I can install any version of linux in this laptop?
MY desktop info is Dell Dimension 8200 Version X86 family 15 model 1 speed 1.794ghz 256mb memory 80g hd cdrom drive floppy drive usb hub GEFORCE2mx/mx400 64mb of video memory.
Do you I am going to be able to install any version of linux in this machine.


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