User rights for RIS installation


I am a little confused about what user right should be granted in order for someone to perform RIS installations. In the technotes on this website, it says you need the right Create Computer Objects in Active Directory. However, when reading the MS 20-270 Press Book, it mentions that the user should have the right Log on as a batch job. I'm not sure if which one (or both) of these rights should be used. Thanks for your help.
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    ladiesman217ladiesman217 Member Posts: 416
    It's really getting late here and i feel sleepy, i think you need to have be admin or member of the admin group to setup RIS. logon as batch job is the privilege to add computers to a domain but have the limit of up to 10 computer acct only. create computer objects is unlimited.

    guys please correct me if wrong. :)
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