Skip to Sec+ after MCSA but before MCSE?

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Since i already have my A+,N+ i can apply those to MCSA but not to MCSE. so i was want sec+ to be my elective and go towards MCSE:S. I dont want to wait until after i finsh the core of MCSE to do sec+ because i will go a while with no new certs. the 290 test im working on now will be the first test i did and didnt get a new certification. so what im thinking is to take the 290,291 to get the MCSA and then do sec+, and then finsh MCSE. But should i separate 291 and 293? is there over lap? thanks in advance!!!
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    The 293 builds on a lot of what you picked up from the 291. You'll see a lot of recommendations on the forums to do the 293 pretty soon after the 291. The Security+ will fit in there pretty well also as it goes over a lot of network security concepts. I think that the Security+ could fit in between the 291 & 293 well because it will help you to keep a number of those concepts in your head. You wouldn't have too much you would need to go back and review from the 291 then. Though RRAS is a pain.
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    there is a fair amount of overlap, I'd jump on completing the MCSE before digressing as alot of the knowledge is cumulative. For instance right now I'm on the 294 and it seems a third of my CBT Nugget for the test was covered on other CBT Nuggets I've already watched.
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    Why don't you do it between 290 and 291? I would do 291 and 293 in succession.
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    yeah ive heard RRAS sucks bad. I switched schools and i was going to find out if i could put sec+ inbetween there but im sure it would be ok. thanks for the quick reply.

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    I really want my MCSA so i can find a little better paying job than i have now. I'm just up in the air on this. maybe between 293 and 294?
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    I'm actually finding that the Security+ is really helping me on 293, especially the PKI infrastructure. If you think you could do Security+ in a month or less, I don't think it would hurt to do it in between 291 & 293. If it takes you something like 2-3 months per test, then yeah, I think it would be best to go straight from 291 to 293.
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    i did net+ in two weeks and 270 in a month. 290 will be done next week (hopefully) which was studied for two weeks. and hopefully i'll knock the 291 out in a month. and sec+ in a few weeks. I get a lot of study time during work and i go to school for these tests at night so i study a lot.
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