Anybody have experience with the Apple certifications?

I've always had a fondness for Macintoshes, and I think it might be a nice "niche" certification to have in my town. Apple's website has a little info on the certs, but not much. I was specifically interested in the Apple Certified Desktop Technician (ACDT), which seems to be the Macintosh-specific equivalent of A+ certification.

We have a G4 imac and an old PowerPC 75Mhz in our house, so I would probably have enough resources here to "practice" with. Does anybody have any experience with these?[/url]


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    I was thinking along the same lines. I support macs (11) and pcs (50). Although I rarely need to touch the macs once they are set up and given to the users, I would like to round out my certs with Apple since I know them even better than the PC's. has an apple cert forum but it is not very active at this time. You might be able to post or search past posts for the info you are looking for.
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    Thanks imeldesign. I checked out their forums, but I didn't get a whole lot of information. However, from what I gather, the only source of study material is to buy a very expensive kit from Apple ($150 for each of the 2 tests). Also, it's a certification that has to be renewed every year. It might be something to look at in the future, but since it expires every year, I really don't think I'd even look at getting one unless I got a job that required it.

    It seems like it's intended for people who already have a job at an Apple Certified Service Center. I think I'll just go for the MCSA instead...that will probably help me much more in the longrun anyhow..
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    Like everything Apple - they like to be proprietary
    FIM website of the year 2007
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