Trunking with a 1720 Router?

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Hello All,

I have a dillemma. I need to be able to setup inter-vlan routing using dot1q. I have been told that with my 1720 router I will be able to setup subinterfaces off the fixed fastethernet port on this router. My issue, I can't seem to find an IOS version that has the encapsulation dot1q command for the subif.

Does anyone know if trunking is possible on this particular router and what IOS version supports it? The unit has 32mb DRAM and 16MB Flash and as far as I can see the cisco site says trunking is a basic feature in the IP or IP/ADSL IOS Packages. The command is available but when I do encap ? at the subinterface, I get % Unrecognized command error.


a.) Does this router support the FA0 port as a trunk link?

b.) If so, what version IOS should I be using? I currently have 12.3(9).

Thanks in advance!

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