Passed 70-284 Today

Just got back from the test centre. I passed with a score of 815.

This was actually my second attempt. I tried a month ago and failed with 624. My own fault: I was on my way to visit a customer and cockily thought that I could drop by the test centre, do the test in about 90 minutes and then continue on to my appointment. In the end I didn't have time to read all the questions properly or to go through my marked-for-review questions.

Luckily, I had used a second-shot voucher, so today's exam was covered by that insurance.

I used the MS Press book. Everything you've heard about it is true. Probably the worst MS Press book I've used so far, with bucketfuls of inaccuracies.

I also used the ExamForce, SelfTestSoftware practise tests, as well as the MeasureUp tests included with the MS book. It didn't help when it seemed that these three sets of practise exams had virtually identical questions with different correct answers.

What will I do next? Its tempting to do 70-285 whilst 284 is fresh in my memory, but at the moment I feel that I need a break from Exchange. I'll probably start on the Server 2008 stuff instead.
-- Dan


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