Taking exam soon, need advice

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Im getting ready to take the test and would like some advice on some last minute preparations. I wanna schedule it for June 5 (about a week) but im a little nervous. I've read the Sybex 70-270 book (cover to cover) and have been using Prep Logic, Cram Master, and whatever free exams i can find on the net. Basically I would like to know what areas I should practice the most on for the test.

Thanks for advance.


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    Install (unattended, RIS, etc), troubleshooting failed installs, performance. Hardware during install (installation of SCSI devices). Thats really all I can think of off the top of my head. Also, a little knowledge of networking will go a long way on this test as it deals with WinXP in a networked environment. Thats about all I can really push for you to know dead cold. If I think of anything else, I'll post it.


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    I am also sitting for the 70-270 at the end of June. However I have not finished my book (exam cram2). It looks like an easy test though. Security/rights & installation look like a key to a good score.
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    I took it last week and I found that there were a lot of questions about troubleshooting IE. They had a lot of questions regarding certificate problems and adding sites to trusted zones.

    I did pass though . . . . got a nice 931 . . . . just had to pimp myself icon_smile.gif
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    Thanks for the advice Ill be taking this at the end of the week. Ill have to read up on the certificate stuff as the sybex book didnt seem to have too much on it.
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