What standard is the Net+ test using?

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Hi everyone. Just passed the A+ a few weeks ago and am working on Net+.
I have a question. What standards are they testing for?
I earned a degree in micro-computer technology with a network emphasis but unfortunatley cannot get a job and am totally a book guy.
I have textbooks for Novell, Windows 2000/Server, 2 Network+ texts, and a Linux Server textbook. Sounds like I have all I need to brush up and go in.
Problem is, these books are a couple years old. The Net+ books I have are specifically geared towards the 2002 standard. I am not sure, has the test been updated since then?
I heard it is going to be in the near future.
Can someone fill be in?

Oh, and I see posts going on about how easy the test is. The few practive exams I've seen, despite being a bit stale in my knowledge, don't seem especially difficult. Is it pretty easy?


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    Go to CompTIA to find the present objectives,


    Since you have A+, you've already covered about 60% of the material. The Network+ exam takes things to the next level. There's a lot about the OSI layer model and IEEE standards. Know the commands: PING, netstat, tracert, etc. and the switches that go with them.

    A good exam guide is Mike Meyers's All-In-One Network+ Study Guide. It's the one that I used.

    There are a lot of real-life network troubleshooting scenarios on the exam.
    But, the exam is not that difficult if you read the questions carefully and be sure that you understand the question and then use only the information given that is pertinent to answering the question.

    Give the practice exams on this site a try and see how you do. They are pretty well at the same difficulty level as the real thing.

    Best of luck!
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