I just barely passed with a score of 713, very tough test with 50 questions, lots of IPSec, PKI and Group Policy. I used CBT Nuggets primarily and I do have the Syngress book which I barely read, may have scored higher if I read more but that book is extremely boring. A pass is a pass though thanks for all the support on this site. I am now going to study for 640-816 so I can finally get my CCNA and then after that finish the MCSE.


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    Congrats on the pass, 293 isn't to be taken lightly as it also covers a lot of areas. Good luck wrapping up your CCNA. :)
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    Congrats on your pass!

    This is a hard test for many, I failed it *sigh*.... Good luck with your studies.
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    I failed this last week with a 676. Its the worst exam by far. I actually preferred 291. I think 293 should be called the beast and 291 the beast junior
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    Congrats on the pass! I'm now thinking it's a bit strange that the 291 has the 'beast' reputation, and yet I've seen a lot of folk on here say 293 is harder.

    Good luck with finishing the CCNA
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    Good job.

    If you were planning on taking the 298 then I wouldn't wait too long after you have studied for the 293 to take it. It covers a lot of the same material. Just a suggestion. :)
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    Thank you guys a lot; I love the support everyone gives on this site. I think 291 was harder for me because I failed it twice before I passed it with an 810. This test was a time crunch for me I actually had about ten minutes left and about 10 questions left, one of which was a simulation that I had to skip and guessed on a lot of the rest because of the clock, I ran out of time on question 48 and still passed. I have heard people say MS tests are easy because they give you so much time on the test, hell you need all the time you can just to read through those long winded tricky questions.
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