Hi All Folks (Time to take before Exams)

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All Folks!.
I passed Exam 70-270 Last Friday.
Now I need to prepare for Exam 70-290.Tell me how long should I take to prepare for Exam 70-290!.Average Time.
And may anyone Help me For Materials and Tricks!!.
Holy Eucharist is LOVE


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    I'm taking a class for the 70-290 exam right now and am using the book MCSE Guide to Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment, Enchanced, by Dan DiNicolo. It's seems to be a very good book, but expensive. If you're doing it on your own, I recommend getting the MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-290) from Microsoft Press. The book is fairly inexpensive on Amazon. Also, Transcender is a good tool.

    Good luck!
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    I think it depends how well you know Win 2k3 server and active directory.

    I took this exam yesterday and passed first time with a score of 880, 2 weeks after doing 270. I was well chuffed, but I do work with servers so i think that helped a lot as i didnt have to learn so much, just get a greater awareness of where things are and a good read on permissions. If you are not experienced with 2k3 server i would give yourself longer. I think its better to take longer and do well than rush it and potentially not do so well as you are hurrying through the exams.

    Do get stuck into your book and make sure you know some of the core areas like permissions, updates, IIS and AD if you have not done this stuff much. I think a month an exam is a good time frame if you do not work with the OS's every day as it gives you time to revise but without leaving too big a gap between exams.

    Good luck!!
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