Ideas/Input/Help - Exchange Visio (with refs.) Collection

So heres the thing, I am looking to flowchart out beyond the basics. I want something I can print out on a big 11x17 or larger page that will have a bunch of the nitty gritty stuff above and beyond the "User pushes Send - Internet Cloud - Server Received" diagrams. My idea was to enlist the help of my peers in this community and try and develop web location where we can get these documents easily for not only ourselves but those who may want to understand a bit more then the high level descriptions. (Plus I have time at work to create these and figure it would be a good resource for others)

I have created a google doc to start documenting references for these flow charts so we can keep them clean of alot of scattered comments. I would LOVE if others would like to contribute and if so I will share this doc with you to edit along with me.

If you have any advice or would like to contribute let me know via pm and I can send the invite.

Heres the little something I put together real quick just as a concept.

http://stormsdata.(it appears blogsp0t is filtered).com/

... constructive criticism welcome!! Thanks!
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