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I shortlisted the HP laptop that suited my budget and expectation of 700 dollars, 4GB ram, 2 GHZ and intel processor.(pls suggest me if u know of a good deal)

It has intel centrino processor . Can any one suggest if a centrino or a core 2 duo would really matter for home entertainment laptop (emails, virtual machines, web development,movies and browsing)....since core 2 duo is costly by 100 dollars.


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    Centrino is Intel's name for their laptop platform. It isn't the name of the processor.

    Centrino = Intel CPU + Intel chipset + Intel wireless. It is specific models of each one as well. You can't just slap together any 3 Intel parts and call it Centrino.
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    Did you mean Celeron? I'd spend the extra money on a full-blown core2duo in a heartbeat, especially with VMs.
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    Yea the true core2duo's are night and day with their celeron counterparts
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    well here is the the link that show the comparison... it definitely not celeron

    which one would you advise and why

    all the config is the same but it only differs 3GB ram, 250 GB HDD and 5400 rpm hdd speed
    and second one has 4GB RAM, 200GB HDD, 4200 rpm speed
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    Uh. All 3 are Core 2 Duos machines. Where did you see a C2D compared against Centrino?

    Middle one anyway. You can't use more than about 3GB of RAM in 32 bit Windows anyway. You can always upgrade that easily in the future. The middle one comes with a faster and larger HD.

    Intel like to reuse their brand names. Celeron is mostly dead now but the latest one is a C2D but with less cache. They're reusing the Pentium brand now as the low end budget range.
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    here is the page of the weekly deals. Now if you look closely on the left page the second and third are show as C2D centrino and the fourth one is shown as C2D

    Been in the IT field I fell silly to get confused with the processors icon_cry.gif
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    nanga wrote:
    here is the page of the weekly deals. Now if you look closely on the left page the second and third are show as C2D centrino and the fourth one is shown as C2D
    If one is just marked as C2D and another is C2D Centrino then its probably got a different configuration which isn't verified as being "Centrino". The WiFi chipset used is probably not Intel or its a different Intel chipset than what should be used in that configuration. It doesn't matter to be honest. Centrino is just marketing.
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    To be honest, I wouldn't go with any of those. That resolution is going to drive you crazy. I think it's limiting on the 12.1" notebook I have. You're losing 358mb of ram from the system because it's going to the on-board video. Even though the 5400rpm drives are going to be faster than the 4200, a 7200 is going to work the best, especially if you have a lot of VMs going. My disk is clearly the bottleneck in my notebook. As already noted, don't get the 4gb of RAM with a 32-bit OS, as you'll only have a little over 3gb usable.
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    I have floated this query again as a separate thread. But I would Iike to put up a question in this threat for you.

    Like you said resolution wont be good enough. I went back and forth and found that most of these are having the same resolution.

    Could you pls lee me know , since 800 dollars on this and then appearing for CEH is already a big hole in my wallet [:D]

    cheer once again ....
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