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I am in the process of buying a CCIE voice lab for my home. The seller is sending me 4 VMWare images; CCM 4.1 publisher, CCM 4.1 subscriber, Unity 4.0.5 and IPCC (not sure which version) does anyone know approximately how big these images will be, because I'm trying to spec up a server to take all four of these images.
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    The size is most likely not going to be the issue, CPU and Memory will be more of a factor. Total disk space should not exceed 20 GB, but you should have at least 4 GB of ram. Keep in mind the exam is rumored to change in June of next year and will most likely jump to version 6 which will require even more CPU and Memory to run.
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    Thats interesting! is it documented anywhere that the version will change?
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    I think they require 40gb image and 1.5gb of memory. I loaded up 6.1 in vmware with out issue, i'm going to try and set up a 2nd on the same box and see how it goes.
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    Nice one. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks
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    curious though, does the seller not offer a more recent version of cm?does 4.x allow training/testing licenses?
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    Honestly if you haven't already passed your written and scheduled your lab then I would say start studding for 6.X ... it is not posted when the exact change date is or what Version they are going to.. or even if they are going to start incorporating presence in to the exam, but I think they are going to change in the next 12 months... ( maybe) ...

    Now on to your question... I would say the sizes probably aren't more then 20 Gig's but running multiple CCM's in VM sucks compared to running them on a bare metal box's.. ( you will get pissed off about the lag in response) ( Build your lab your self don't buy one off e-bay...( buy the CD's not the Images...) Installing CCM from the ground up will give you a better understanding of how a default install will come and what exact services are used for CCM... I am running 5 GX280's with 2 gig ram and 80gig hd's.... do something like that rather then spending the money on a Big bad server that I don't think you will be happy with... Just my 2cents...

    Also save your money for rack time... ( no matter what you will need it.. CATOS/6608/VG248 time is hard to come by in a lab environment...)
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  • AlanJamesAlanJames Member Posts: 230
    yeah i would of thought 6.x is a better option to study, especially since cisco are moving towards the appliance approach for all their future versions.

    Installing ccm 6.1 in vmware is dead easy, www.ciscoblog.com has a link to the config file. I have it running on my laptop with out any performance issue.
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