MS-Press book for the 70-293

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Ha! I know it's been highlighted before but I just learned why the MS press book for the 70-293 gets a lot of ribbing.

"When preparing for the exam, no time spent familiarizing yourself with the RIP and OSPF configuration parameters in the RRAS Access Console will be wasted. Use the online help to learn the functions of the routing protocol parameters"

hehe! Nice training product there guys........

Seriously, I prefer to read a book rather than look at a screen all the time so I tried to purchase the Syngress 70-293 but it would have gone way past my exam date when it would have been delivered, so I got the MS Press instead. It's OK but it's full of comments like that. I'm well experienced so I'll stick with it and use the CBT's but If you're a novice, then I'd certainly use another book.
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