Mailscanner... yay or nay?

I'm looking at different mail gateway solutions for spam, antivirus, etc. Right now I have a server running antigen before going to an exchange 2003 server. It's ok and works pretty well but not as reliable as I would like. Would like to go to Forefront but we won't be upgrading to exchange 2007 any time soon so that option is out. Was looking at mailscanner as it seems pretty widely used. Anyone here familiar with it and willing to share their opinions if they like it or like some competing product?


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    While I have not worked with the product you specify, here is a list of some other products you may want to look into:

    I have to admit I am a bit surprised that ForeFront is not listed there as ForeFront is an excellent product.

    For appliances, if you are interested, Barracuda and Ironport are very good antispam/antivirus appliances. Barracuda will allow you to try out one of their appliances. They also have an online demo of all their appliances. Barracuda customer service is excellent as well.
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    Pretty happy with Posini. You'll still need a good anti virus though, Symantec still catches a few things.
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    Or maybe even consider Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services. When/If you eventually go to Exchange 2007, if you buy a Standard and an Enterprise CAL for every user, you get additional features such as Premium Jorunaling, Unified Messaging, Exchange Hosted Filtering, ForeFront Security, etc... The nice thing about the Exchange Hosted Services is it's the basic product from their hosted services package. You can add on continuity, archiving, etc...
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    Forefront is nice but we won't be going to Exchange 2007 any time soon. Using Antigen right now and it is decent but we have some problems with it on occasion. I'm mainly looking at what linux based solutions are out there.
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