confused over C2D :)

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I was kind of confused with my earlier post. Now that thing are more clearer,
C2D and C2D Centrino (for mobile users..promises more battery life) are 2 different processors meant for 2 different purposes

I would like to buya laptop for entertainment use,emails, 1 virtual machine for practice, movies music and browsing.

I am confused whether C2D centrino would suffice with 3GB ram and 2 Ghz processor for vista 64 bit.

Does C2D and C2D centrino have performance differences


  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Like Tiersten said in your other thread, "Centrino" is basically just a marketing term. All it does is refer to a specific set of Intel components. You will more than likely see no noticeable difference between a Centrino system and a non-Centrino system. Just compare each component and go from there.

    That is definitely enough for a single VM and everything else you want to do. I thought you were going to be running multiple VMs. If you can, you should set your current screen to the resolution of those laptops (if you're still planning on going with a lower resolution), just so you can see what it's like. I found it to be much more limiting than I had anticipated.
  • nangananga Member Posts: 201
    thanks dynamik.. to be honest i am convinced with what you say...i am looking for more options and try to stay away from centrino C2D... cheeeeers
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    There isn't anything wrong with having a Centrino laptop. Intel CPUs, motherboard chipsets and WiFi chipsets all work well. The WiFi chipsets even have official Intel support for Linux which is fairly unusual.
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