New CCNA Book - Cisco CCNA Simplified

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Just got my new copy of the book in the mail today. Boy is this easy reading compared to some of the others I have, have browsed, etc. The author Paul Browning also runs I am not affiliated with the site or the author, just passing on some info if others are interested in obtaining a copy of his book.

ISBN 978-0-9557815-1-3.


  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    There is something really wrong with this. That ISBN shows up as out of print on Amazon with a publish date of 9/10/2008 (a couple of weeks ago). Also, it's not a good sign when this thread is the second result for a google query for cisco ccna simplified. Finally, the author's site is censored by TE. It is a very rare for a legitimate site to be filtered.

    That does not appear to be a good resource (or at least, something people from St. Paul shouldn't be using ;)).
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    CertGuard thinks that the site is legit.
  • tierstentiersten Posts: 4,505Member
    Shows up twice in Amazon. The ring bound version is from 2005. The new version is paperback. Neither available.
  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Yea, I noticed that later. Maybe it was just blocked due to spamming... who knows?

    Edit: Search by the ISBN. It's the latter and shows out-of-print once you follow the link:

    That's the first time I've ever seen anything like that.
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