Aaaaahh! Is the MS Self paced training kit out of its mind?

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Hey guys,

Im trying to study for this dreaded 70-270 exam, i'm all on my own with this, i am studying all day all night and its driving me crazy, as there is soooo much to learn and too little time.

Each chapter in the ms-self paced training kit is divided in to many lessons, and someone has worked out how long each lesson is at the beginning of each lesson, but its impossible to be able to learn each lesson in the the time allocated, seriously, how are you supposed to learn all the switches, codes, commands, shortcuts and then describe the processes, how its done, how its worked, what stages are involved etc in like.......30-60 MINUTES as worked out by some idiot. Its impossible.

Do you really have to memorise all the information for the exam, like can you really memorise the whole boot process and explain it in detail, but learn it in 60 minutes? its taking me like 1 day to memorize a very small section.

How do you seriously revise from the book the way the book wants you to?

Im starting from chapter 1, so far ive done chapter 1 and im struggling to memorize all the switches in chapter 2, but hang on, someone who wrote the book says it takes 10 MINUTES to learn the WINNT / WINNT32.EXE switches in chapter 2 and then answer questions on them.

This book is mad......how do you revise from the book.

The book seems to me like you need a year to memorize it!

Do all you people that study this book have super photographic memories, because im finding it hard to take all the info in, ive got exams comming up soon and im struggling,

its too much info to take in, and they want you to memorize this, the person that wrote this book must of wrote this book using another book, you telling that all this info is from the top of their heads.

I just cant believe how hard this exam is!!!!!

Need help!!!!!!



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