How do you revise?

mralexjaymralexjay Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hey would just like to know how people are revising the 70-270 exam?

Im studying from the MS-Self paced training book, the book is very long and there is alot of info to take in, and the book is never ending, everyday i feel like quitting, but i see so many people pass this exam, im not a geeky person when it comes to IT and to be honest i dont work with computers, nor do i use xp as i use MAC OSX Leopard.

But ive paid for my course, and ive been told to study for my exam, but hey presto, the book is long with a little too much info for my liking, theres too much to take in.

So how the hell do you revise this guys?

You must be brain dead after revising for this exam, im already feeling the pressure and im only on chapter 2!!! How do you take it all in????


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    mrhaun03mrhaun03 Member Posts: 359
    Sure there's a lot of info...the exam will test you on all of it. Just curious, but why are you takin the exam? You don't seem too interested in learning the material?

    I just passed the exam last week and it wasn't easy. You have to be comfortable with every aspect of XP. There's no cuttin corners with the exam.
    Working on Linux+
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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I think mrhuan03 nailed it. It doesn't seem like you have any motivation to learn the material. Why are you learning this and what are your ultimate goals?

    It is a lot of material to take in. All I can say is slowly but surely. Keep going at it until you start losing interest then take a break and repeat. You're going to need hands-on, so load up Parallels, Fusion, or just use Boot Camp.
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    mralexjaymralexjay Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Believe me im very interested in the course, just that knowone told me it would be this hard, ive paid for my course and exam, and true to my word i will take it and complete it.

    i was stung by this IT training company in london and they said its an easy course and a brilliant way to get a good income, will only take 6 months (impossible i know!) to get an mcsa (4 exams), ive also paid for my MCSE course (extra 2 exams) and ive paid for a CCNP course.

    It was a package that i paid alot of money for, but i have to start paying loan back soon, but until i pass the exams i have no job to pay back loan, and times running out, im now finding the course hard, and frustrated by the lies that my learning provider told me and running out of time to do course!

    Im not an IT geek but i have no choice but to learn it as i have ££££'s to pay back if i like it or not, so the fact is im in a lose/lose situation, i feel like giving up but i cant as i have ££££ saying that i cant and id be letting myself down now.

    The more people that tell me i wont ever complete this are the people that make me want to do it more!
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    jgladwelljgladwell Member Posts: 40 ■■□□□□□□□□
    mralexjay wrote:
    The more people that tell me i wont ever complete this are the people that make me want to do it more!

    Well then...

    You'll never complete this!

    1. Look at this post every time you feel like you are in over your head.
    2. Use it to study harder
    3. ????
    4. Profit
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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    You really need to figure out what you want to do long-term. You're going to have a very difficult time if you're not passionate about IT (i.e. being an IT geek). 270 isn't an easy exam, but many people feel that some of the later ones are much more difficult, and a CCNP exam dwarfs any exam in the MSCE track in terms of content and difficulty.

    An MCSA in six months really isn't THAT unrealistic. I can knock out an exam a month if I'm not overwhelmed with college and work. 6-8 weeks is pretty typically for most people. It all depends on how hard you're willing to work.

    Is the course going on now or have you already finished it?

    Regarding your book question from your other thread, don't put too much emphasis on the estimated times to complete the lessons. That's if you read it straight through and don't take notes, etc. No one here (unless you're already experienced with the material) goes through them at that pace. What seems difficult and overwhelming today will seem like basic material a week from now. Hang in there.
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    KGhaleonKGhaleon Member Posts: 1,346 ■■■■□□□□□□
    At the front of the books is a list of objectives which the exam is going to test you on. Focus on those and know them by the back of your hand before taking the test. Also take lots of practice tests. You will definitely fail unless you get XP loaded on your Mac as a Virtual machine, bootcamp, parallel, etc. You need to start using XP and familiarize with it quickly.

    I've used XP on a daily basis for years, and it still wasn't a breeze for me...though it was easier than the CCNA.

    Sit down with a pen and paper and take notes as you read through your book. Also most books have labs which walk you through various procedures. Do them. :D

    Once you pass you'll smile and realize how much easier the exam was than you had thought. Then you'll get to move onto harder exams.

    IT is an industry which is constantly moving and you have to become familiar with all sorts of technology and software that come your way. I've never used a Blackberry before, and just this week they made me install and activate 10+ blackberries. icon_sad.gif It was hell, but I learned a lot.
    IT is really about learning and improving yourself.
    Present goals: MCAS, MCSA, 70-680
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    ComputerLover1ComputerLover1 Member Posts: 71 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Dont get discouraged yes it is a lot of hard work but remember what you put in to it is what you will get out of it . I failed this exam twice not because it was difficult but because I underestimated it and I wont do that again . Yes , the MS press books are very long but I find that reading the book on the computer screen is more suitable for me . And I agree with my fellow posters you must pratice hands on with it . Do the labs in the book do a few installs of XP and play around with it . You will be fine just focus on the objectives and pratice . Also Microsoft has the second shot voucher so if you dont pass (not saying you wont ) you can take the test for free . Here is the link :


    After failing twice you would think that I would be discouraged but on the contrary I am more motivated than I ever have been and I look back to see exactly where I went wrong .

    Good Luck to you
    Without struggles there can not be progress
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    jgladwelljgladwell Member Posts: 40 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Gotta find a way to start using it, immerse yourself in it and it'll be easier.
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