Whew...passed with an 840. Prometric sucks.

bobbaftbobbaft Member Posts: 32 ■■□□□□□□□□
Background: I've been studying for this test for almost 2 years. Minor interuptions, like my wife having a baby, summer, etc kept me from going head on until a few months ago.

I read the MS Self-Paced TWICE, the Exam Cram TWICE, and the Transcender questions non-stop repeatedly.

I went in under the assumption that it was a 45 question test and figured I'd be able to bomb the estimated 5 simulations and be able to miss a few others and be safe. When the information came up that it was only 30 questions, my stomach dropped because that threw off my "how to squeak by" philosophy!

Luckily, it wasn't as hard as I expected and I pulled it off. Now I have to go balls-to-the-walls for 70-291.

My beef is with Prometric. I've never had a "event-less" experience with them. This time, my passing certificate didn't print out and the girl said I'd have to wait a few hours for their helpdesk to fix it. I needed to leave so I said "forget it". I want it and emailed their HQ, but I never get any response from them.


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