ICND1 passed

yuriz43yuriz43 Member Posts: 121
Score: 940

Describe the operation of data networks 81%
Implement a small switched network 100%
Implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services 33%
Implement a small routed network 100%
Explain and select appropriate admin tasks for WLAN 100%
Identify security threads and methods to mitigate. 100%
Implement and verify WAN links 100%

I don't know what the heck happened with implementing an IP addressing scheme.Kinda disappointed about that since I studied subnetting more than anything. I'm thinking this was due to a sim question I had towards the beginning that I rushed through because I was worried about time. However I ended up with 20 minutes left when I was done with the test!!

Studied Material:

*Odoms ICND1
*Boson Practice Exam
*Home Lab.


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