Which exam is more difficult?

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Is it the general consensus that the OS exam is harder than the Core? I would think the opposite due to the extensive memorization of numbers: CPU speeds, bus speeds, cache sizes, cable lengths, number of pins, etc. After all, aren't we already familiar with most of the basics of OS's?


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    That is an interesting question. Personally I scored higher on OS, but I think that was perhaps that I was trying to make up for a lazy score on Core.
    I did read somewhere that a study had been done and that males tended to score higher on Core than OS, but females were the other way around.
    Having a quick look through the last 30 candidates through the Vue centre I test at recently seems to confirm that.
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    RussS is right on this assumption. I did better on the Core compared to the OS portion. It all depends on how effectively you prepare in studying for the test. And laziness is also a factor on scoring.
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    So can't we conclude the OS and Core are equally difficult? It just depends on many factors.
    To be honest I don't see much in the relation between females<->OS and males<->hardware, a study can show females score less on core or male less on OS, but is that because they find it harder? Or just because they have more interest in one of the exams, or more experience... or indeed maybe when it comes to OSs man are just lazy ;)

    But since Shinobi (I loved that game on the 8-bit sega btw :) )mentioned "general consensus", I would say yes, OS is harder than Core.
    You could say you need Core to do OS (not totally true, but it sure comes in handy) especially for people with no experience at all.
    And one things for sure, writing practice exams and technotes for the core exam is fun, for the OS it's a drag...icon_rolleyes.gif you need to know a little of each OS, but what exactly and how much is difficult to determine even using the exam objectives (e.g. you need to know a command, but what switches and options...) so you have to rely on a good and complete study guide.

    My four cents ;)
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    I tried to find that study to investigate a little more, but unfortunately can't remember where it was. I do think however it has something to do with the male being more interested in the mechanical and the female in the other side of things. I guess not liking gettign their hands dirty? ..
    haha - just a generalisation I know, but possibly not too wide of the mark.
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