DTMF-relay on IOS version 12.3(26)

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To the Moderator: Please allow me to post here, because i dont know where to put this.


I'm having dtmf problem on my AS5350 gateway. Previously im using version 12.3(3i) and wasn't able to make dtmf calls, i check Cisco Software Advisor and the feature is not there so i upgraded to IOS version 12.3(26) but unfortunately it doesn't work also.

Under the dial-peer configuration, when i issue "dtmf-relay ?" i can only see both h245 and the rtp-nte options. SIP-notify and cisco-rtp are not shown. Cisco says SIP NOTIFY-Based Out-of-Band DTMF Relay Support was introduced in 12.3(4)T release but im already using 12.3(26) which is the latest.

Gateway(config-dial-peer)#dtmf-relay ?
h245-alphanumeric DTMF Relay via H245 Alphanumeric IE
h245-signal DTMF Relay via H245 Signal IE
rtp-nte RTP Named Telephone Event RFC 2833

Do i need any other configuration to enable sip-notify?

I really appreciate your help and support.

Thank you.
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