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I am retaking this one tomorrow. I missed it on my first shot with a 682. I was wondering if anybody knew how they weigh the questions? Are the sims worth more or multiple answers more than singles?


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    No details have been released on how questions are scored. I would err on the side of caution though and make sure you do those sims thoroughly just in case they are scored as a whole. The sims in my opinion are generally a gimmee if you've worked on it in a lab. The only thing to hold you back is the vagueness of the expected results.
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    That's not something that's disclosed. Transcender gives you one point for each task you complete during the sim, so it may be something like that. I think they do carry a little weight since I've had a couple where I felt unsure about some of the questions but nailed the sims and ended up doing really well overall.
  • sentraser20sentraser20 Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    It is so hard to really relax and figure out exactly what it is they want you to do. It also doesn't help that the prometric drivers have terminated on me at least twice in my last 4 exams.
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    What you should keep in mind is that, while Microsoft hasn't disclosed what each question is worth on their exams, the sims require a bit more work than a regular multiple-choice question. My policy for any exam is the more work you have to put into a section, the more points it's likely to be worth.

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