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Hi all, just found this site looking for some other information and thought I might pose this question to you, I'm sure some of you have seen it 1 million times.

I'm an MCSE +I from WAY back, got my Cert in 99, and have not done anything to update the certs since. I'm now looking at getting the current MS Cert again, and possibly the Security+ cert. In my career I have always been a Systems Admin/IT Specialist, working with companies of small to mid size (from 100 to 2000 employees) I have pretty much done at all under that title, Desktop, Server, Phones, network, basically what ever the company needs in the way of an IT person aside from programming. I'm pretty much Looking at going to the MCSA route this time around with an emphasis on messaging (since there is no real +I anymore) I have thought about going with the Security emphasis but I already have a great deal of exp in messaging with Exchange, Sendmail, Kerio mail, and a hand full of other Mail services.

MCSA is 4 Exams (2 Core Networking, 1 Core Client, and 1 messaging)
MCSE is 2 more core, a design, and 1 more Messaging)

MCSA is 4 Exams (2 Core Networking, 1 Core Client, and 2 security)
MCSE is 2 more core, a Security design, and 1 more Security)

My MCSE +I fulfills my electives for standed MCSE so if I didn't "Specialize" I would not have to take an elective

I'm considering the CompTIA Security+ Cert more for as a learning point then a Cert path, but this fulfill one of the Security Exams.

Ok so after 10+ years since my last exam, being in the industry for 15+ is the MCSA (or MCSE) with a specialization (security or Messaging) a wise move, or should I just climb above them and head to something like Cisco.

Where would YOU start???


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    well, seems to me you can't get away with anything less than both a MCSE and CCNA now days.

    Knock out the MCSE: Security and then dive in and get CCNA: Security, about a year of work right there alone...
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