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Hey TS gurus

I am totally confused about Group Policy settings

okay you knwo the settling in Local Policy where is says

1. allow logon locally
2. allow to logon thru terminal services.

which one denies me logging on to a server vs workstations
I know one of them stops me from remoting into workstations
and one stops me from logging into servers(would this be number1?)


i have set these before and have completely stop users from logging into their machines
locally which one is it? to me by the name if I add Domain Users group to
the (allow logon locally) this would allow local logns for worksattions but
some how I have allowed domain users to logon to our servers which we do not want
what setting am I missing . I want to have emloyees logon to their own pc and to any domain pc
and I want to block them from logging into servers and but allow admins like me to login to

it is not that hard but i am just confused.


and replication mygod takes like 30 minutes holy crap not good for something during the day huh! hahaha


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