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Hey all

I was just wondering who is or has been working in the field requiring A+ and when did you really feel comfortable with working on pcs for a company (I'm not talking about at home but on the job)?

Because I find myself studying just to pass my tests and I don't want to get on someones job and not understand enough to work.

How long does it truly take to become proficeint in this field? icon_confused.gif I know more than two semesters, considering I have other classes to prepare for aswell.

any opinions?
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  • TransatlanticTransatlantic Member Posts: 120
    It doesn't take all that long for you to become comfortable working with pc's when you deal with them on a daily basis. If you have any worries about damaging them while on the job, don't!!! I personally don't believe there's a tech out there who hasn't fried a motherboard or cpu in their time.

    If you want to practice just pick up a cheap old pc from somewhere and spend a week or two formatting the drives and re-installing the OS, pull it apart and put it back together again. Great practice for the A+ exam as well
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    I know pcs pretty good and worked on many of them but I just have a problem with doing it on the job. I feel like I don't know enough.

    Maybe I'ts just my confidence
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    What you need to know will totally depend on where you work and what OS's you will be supporting. Replacing harware is childs play. I've been fixing PCs and servers for a while now, and 9 times out of ten it is easier and time efficient to image a HDD rather than trying to troubleshoot a .dll error for 5 hours! Medium to Large size companies will use either Norton Ghost or RIS to image their boxes.

    Lets get to the root of your fear. I don't think its that you don't know enough, rather that you don't want to screw up! On my first day, I accidentally deleted this ladies hard work (All 4 years worth!) Since then i've learned to backup everything before doing anything!

    You will run into different problems everyday. There are endless resources available to you such as here, technet, etc to help you solve those problems. Use them to your advantage.
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    Thanks for the info because I am terrified of screwing up.

    You see, at home I was very confident in repairing and troubleshooting pcs. If I screwed up, I could cover my tracks and resolve the problem before any customer or family member new about it but that'll be much different on the job. icon_cool.gif
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    yattamo wrote:
    Thanks for the info because I am terrified of screwing up.

    Don't be terrified of screwing up. We all screw up at one point or another, but those who go forward in life are those who learn from their mistakes.

    For the EXAM: don't be terrified because that will put so much stress on you that you might fail the exam.

    For LIFE: don't be terrified because the moment you do so, you'll be prone to "avoidable" mistakes.

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