AGGUDLP - Visualizing group scopes

While I was studying I decided to make a visio diagram to visualize the AGGUDLP group strategy. (for those who don't know it describes how to control access resources via group membership [Accounts -> Global ->Global ->Universal->Domain Local->Permissions])
Anyways here is the diagram I made, hopefully this helps you if you are studying group membership -- sorry if I confuse you :P


  • behnood_moradibehnood_moradi Posts: 1Registered Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    Please Upload The Diagram again, this file exist in google cache in small size version (unreadable)
    Thank You.
  • DevilsbaneDevilsbane Posts: 4,212Member
    FYI, his last logon was in February, so don't hold your breath.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
  • msnelgrovemsnelgrove Posts: 167Member
    hate to dig up an old thread but I found the image (4 years too late!)
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