CME 4.3 - Octo-Line Question

pitviperpitviper Member Posts: 1,376 ■■■■■■■□□□
Anyone using the relatively new octo-line DN type in CME? I’m thinking that it may be a perfect solution to a receptionist scenario.

I’m currently using button overlays (mostly one button 7912s) to blast the main number out to multiple phones (like 10 in various “resource” areas) when the receptionist phone is in use but still can only get a limited number of simultaneous calls through. Plan B was to call-forward busy on the main line to another DN, and add the line to the button overlay. I’m thinking that the octo-line might solve some problems but may also introduce new ones = Since they are primarily one button phones, and I don’t believe that I can use overlays with an octo-line, all lines would have to share the same DN which would mean that outgoing calls would eat up most of the 8 available lines – Looks like you can reserve lines for outgoing calls by using the huntstop channel command, but that’s where the new line type starts eating up its benefits!

Anyway around this without ditching the 7912s?
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