70-215 picked off 1st time

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70-215 picked off 1st time -- 745, 3 weeks after the 70-210. w00t!


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    By the way, there was not a SINGLE question about subnetting on the exam.
    There were some questions about active directory on the exam (oops. I didn't study for that.)
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Thanks. :D From what I remember, there were some questions on the difference between copying/moving files, as well as the difference between "block policy inheritance" and "no override" (as well as which one takes precedence over the other).
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    Congrats !!!!!! :D
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    Congrats.... :D

    And you will get a chance at those subnetting and summarization questions on 216...Have fun!

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    Congrats icon_thumright.gif
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    Here's one thing I can't remember whether I got right or wrong (I guessed): link
    They asked about the setting that would be needed if one wanted an administrator to always unlock a user's account after having typed in an incorrect password too many times. Like I said, I hadn't concentrated on active directory like I should have, so I guessed.
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    I had 2 subnetting questions when I took it, so they can be there, but it's no predominant or anything
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