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cbriantcbriant Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□

I have Transcender and Readiness Review Suite and have exhausted all the questions on both of these. Can anyone recommend some good testing software which has a completely different set of questions?

This is the only exam i've done which I have not passed first time and I found that the Transcender in this case was not an adequate simulation for this exam.



  • mr2nutmr2nut Member Posts: 269
    UCertify is excellent. It gives you study tips, a load of questions, different sections of the exam to make your weaknesses your strengths and there are flash cards and quick quizes which you fill in then match your response to the real answer to make you really think.

    It's all now been fully approved by certguard.com so it's a safe one unlike lots of them out there these days unfortunately.
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