CCVP Lab manuals?

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Hello everyone,

I have checked out the CCVP links sticky and found a TON of great information. That is one well put together link list. However, having just finished my CVOICE book and the CBT nuggets I was looking around on the internet for a CVOICE lab manual. I was unable to find one and so I was curious if any CCVP lab manual books were out there at all. I did some more looking around, but no luck. Maybe I am just overlooking the obvious, does anyone know of any CCVP (specifically cvoice) lab manuals? Thanks for the help!

Edit, just to be clear I do not mean a "what i need for my cvoice lab" type thing. I mean a book that has labs in it with example topologies etc just something to take the leg work out of doing some configuration practice. Thanks in advance


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    There really isn't one that I've found. Some of the labs in IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio may be useful. CME and Unity Express are covered as part of the new CCNA:Voice, but isn't really a part of the current CCVP.

    Some of the CCIE Lab Workbook vendors have Technology Labs available -- they have more than you need for the CCVP, but you can skip the "extra parts." I think IEMentor was offering their workbook (which includes technology labs) on eBay for a good price. NLI ( also has a CCIE Voice Technology Lab Workbook. InternetworkExpert and IPExpert have been pushing their CCIE bundles, but IE still has their Volume 1 Workbook (Technology Labs) listed for purchase. It looks like IPExpert's Volume 1 is also Technology Labs, but I don't see it offered as a single product, but it could be there somewhere. has simple Flash Labs that covers the basic tasks you should know for voice, good for your initial learning but probably not worth repeating on real hardware.
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    Holy information batman!

    Thanks, I was thinking about looking into Voice IE lab stuff as well. Thanks for the resources!
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