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currently i only have one pc. i want to install win2k server onto it, but still be able to use win xp pro. i have a 80gb hdd, and was thinking of using an ntfs resizer to split the current 80gb C: drive in 2, then format the space as D: and install win2k server on that. would this be a good idea or is it better to just install 2k server to the winnt folder on C: and dual boot that way?



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    Do not try to install into the same folder. You will need to use that utility to create a second partition for the other OS. Take a look at this page for some tips.


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    dual booting on the very same partition is not recommended, because the next os will try to locate the systemroot or program files folder in the same destination... except you like to configure the next os in a very complex way ??
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    I only have one computer so I've started using VMware, works great.
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    Dual Booting...LOL..I remember in college installing DOS, loading all the drivers, installing NWCLIENT for DOS & installing all the protocols & drivers for the NIC, pulling down WIN98 & NT 4.0 from a Novel Server, installing them both through DOS and running dual boots....I had that NWCLIENT memorized....All you need to do is create two separate partitions with boot records and they will show up...

    PS- like everyone aboves advice...Never install to the same partition or folder..thats how similiar files become missing and over written..Win98 you can get away with it over Win98 again, but thats for troubleshooting...
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    KernelXP wrote:
    I only have one computer so I've started using VMware, works great.

    That works too if you're machine has fairly decent resources. Virtual PC is also noteworthy, though you need piles of RAM.

    What I did to train for this was get 2 older Compaq machines and hook them up to an old 10mb hub I had laying around. I hookd that hub into my router. One machine has win2k advanced server, the other win2k pro. it was a really cheap solution (about $200) that allows me to go through nearly any lab that I need.
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