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I am trying to set up faxmail using a T37 on-ramp and Unity express.
Does anyone know of a definitive way to do this? Only I have found a ton of contradictory documentation on the internet surrounding this. I have already set up the onramp with the necessary scripts and dial peers I think, I just need to know how a CUE module will process an incoming email (if that's what it does!) My understanding is that the on-ramp gateway can point to an SMTP server or a CUE module. Is this correct?

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    AlanJamesAlanJames Member Posts: 230
    we use a 3rd party server to do this.

    We have a dial-peer on the vgw pointing at the server, and the server converts it to an email, and emails it out. Work quite well.

    I'm unsure how you can do this in unity express, but if you find out let us know :)
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