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I'm currently re-evaluating my current study habits which include everything but extensive use of practice questions. I use some like the questions that come with my study guides, but they haven't really seemed to help me a lot. I still barely pass my exams. I see a lot of people on this site using Transcender exams simulations and they all say they get good results (i.e. a passing score). Do most of you just use the 15 question demos they have on their web site or do you shell out the dough for the full versions? I'm just curious. I'm not sure I want to buy the full versions, (their almost as much as another exam) so if people seem to be getting good results from the demo questions, I'd rather use them. At least until I see some verifiable results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Demo versions are for demonstration "only". They're there so you can get a glimpse of what the real thing looks like. And keep this in mind: the good questions and the really hard and interesting questions aren't included in the demo versions. They're only in the full versions.

    You gotta shell em out buddy. I spent something close to 500 bucks in Trancender exams. That's a lot of money for 4 exams, but it's certainly worth it IMO.


    p.s. look out for their specials "paks' if you want to save a couple of dollars.
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