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Hi guys,

Just looking for some advise on the best way to calm nerves. I was supposed to take the N+ this past Tuesday but rescheduled for next week, 10/14. I know the stuff, I've worked in IT security for almost 2 years and this really shouldn't be that difficult and yet I'm nervous as hell.

Any suggestions?

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    Go out, watch a movie, exercise, go to drink, watch tv, play video games, read gossip, go shopping.

    icon_thumright.gif Just don't think about it. Is not that expensive either. lol
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    What is the worst that can possibly happen?
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    I would recommend you take another week and read the Network + exam cram then take the test. you may feel a bit more comfortable after reading that. Even though I had prepared for the test I still read exam cram and felt more comfortable with the test after having read that as my last study material before the test.
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    Everyone gets nervous, but once you start taking more and more certification exams then you'll get used to it. Just relish in the thought that you are increasing your alphabet soup resume. :D

    I like to go to a cafe that is near the testing center before the exam and scan over the objectives before the test. That way, I am not in a rush to get to the test center and can avoid traffic. LA traffic is horrendous and often times can make a person angry or irritated.

    Get a good night's sleep so that you can think clearly, eat a light meal, and do something that relaxes you. I bring my iPod to listen to music during the drive and while going over the objectives and last minute details.
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    Yeah man! relax, it's not that serious even though it was my first test and I was nervous. You just have to take your time reading the questions and understanding what they are explaining. You the read the answers thoroughly before you chose it.
    You have 90 minutes for 90 questions, go through the easy ones and the ones you aren't sure about just skip and when you're done go back and answer to the best of your knowledge. That is what I did and past in the high 700's.
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    I'm going to go with the same advice as everyone else, try to relax and calm yourself before the test. Nerves can be as damaging to your score as not preparing. Review your study-material for the next few days, brush up on anything you feel might give you some trouble, then the day before the exam, just relax. Go out, enjoy yourself, just take it easy. You figure, if you don't know the material by the eve of the test, you won't the next day either. The morning of the exam, get up early and have a good breakfast, really take the time to sit down and enjoy it. Print out or write down some notes you want to remember before the test so that you can read over them a little bit in the last hour or so before you sit for the exam, the go and knock it out of the park. :D

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    I was nervous when i took my first exam,i always get nervous at the beggining of a exam but after i answer a few questions that i am sure i got correct,i start to calm down and relax,then its smooth sailing icon_wink.gif
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