Failed 720!!

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I just found this website and Im very upset I didnt find it before I took this exam. I think the books I used sucked (Security + Fast pass, Exam Cram) cause there were many questions on the exam that I did not see/read in my books. I did exam cram questions, online practice tests and felt pretty good after the exam only to see fail.... Im not giving up, im going to retake this exam. I read some posts and saw alot of users talk about a syngress book. Can someone send me the link to the correct book/version so i can purchase it and hopefullypass this exam? Thanks in advance.


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    I'm sorry to hear about the fail icon_sad.gif

    Here's the book you want: Ignore the bad review; it has nothing to do with the book.

    You might want to check out the Transcender practice exam as well.

    Good luck on your next attempt, and welcome to the forums!
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    thanks for the link. im gonna buy it today as i really dont want to much time to pass as i still have all the info i studied fresh on my mind. Any other tips to pass this exam? The transcender practice exam, is it an online thing or a book?
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    Not really. Syngress and Transcender were my main sources of information. I watched cbt nuggets as well, but I don't think they'd do a lot for you at this point.

    Here's the link to Transcender:

    It's just a standard Windows application, but you can save some money if you use the 30-day online version.
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    hey dynamik do you know if there's a big difference between the book you recommended and
    the one I have "Security+ Exam JK0-010 study guide and practice by Syngress? I ordered the
    the second ed on amazon and they sent me this book instead.
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    The content is identical, so it doesn't matter. One exam code is for the student/academic version and the other is for us regular people.
  • kadshahkadshah A+, Network+, Security +, MCP & CCNA From NYC but currently living in ThailandMember Posts: 388 ■■■□□□□□□□
    ok just wanted to make sure cause the book says exam jk0-010 and not SY0 - 101.
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    thanks for all the help, i was about to ask the question about the syngress book but saw someone asked and it was answered.... thanks again, time to get some studying done...
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    sorry about the fail friend,keep at it while its still fresh in your head and don't give up on yourself
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