Took the 285 on a lark...

and failed it.

stupid exchange 5.5

I had just signed up for this test yesterday when I realized that i would be testing anyway, that this was a design exam(which i hate) and that most of the material was old. I failed with a 640, but honestly, as little new material thats covered by this test, and given my hatred of design exams, I may not even use my second shot on this. At least not for awhile.


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  • danclarkedanclarke Member Posts: 160
    Bad luck.

    I thought 285 was a tough exam. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to get through it - and I felt somewhat punch-drunk when it was over. I'm now glad to be getting a respite from Encounter by turning to 70-620.

    If I was in that position (as I was after failing 284 the first time) I would use the second shot: its effectively a free exam, after all.

    Anyway - good luck with whatever you choose to do next.
    -- Dan
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