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Been pondering studying for the CCNA. I thought it was either do it in one exam or spread it across two.

Maybe I've read it wrong but Wikipedia seems to think Cisco require you to complete coursework too.

How to Gain the CCNA Credential
The CCNA Credential is obtained by completing course work delivered by a Cisco certified training provider as well as passing the 640-822 ICND1 and 640-816 ICND2), or one single test (CCNA 640-802)Composite.

Say it isn't so icon_sad.gif



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    VantageUK wrote:
    Say it isn't so icon_sad.gif

    It isn't. Most people (at least here) do self-study.
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    VantageUK wrote:
    Say it isn't so icon_sad.gif
    It isn't so.

    There is no mandatory classroom attendance prerequisite for the CCNA. You don't earn a CCNA by completing course work.

    Rather than listening to some schmuck on Wikipedia, why don't you get the information directly from Cisco on their CCNA Certification web page. I think last week Widipedia CCNA page was stating that the CCNA didn't exist anymore and had been replaced by the CCNA Specializations. icon_confused.gif

    You can learn and gain the knowledge by taking an official course through a Cisco Training Partner, Cisco Network Academy, or even some non-Cisco approved schmuck off the street. Or you can get books and study on your own.

    The only way to earn the CCNA is to pass the 1 or 2 exam option. Studying or taking classes just increases the odds you'd pass.
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