help with subnetting steps & pent3 labtop Q?

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this is my first reply or new sub anyways can anybody help with the last steps of subnetting , and i have a pent 3 labtop and when Istart it it say master boot record not found,,so far i think the hdd is bad please help & stay tune to my postings i will be putting some of my training websites off my personel burned cd
any help with ,operating system not found , error mess. on my pent3 labtop would be apreciated.thank you


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    Hi, depending on the OS, you can try a few different things.

    dos, boot with a dos floppy that contains fdisk. run fdisk /mbr
    win 9x boot with the appropriate 9x floppy and run the same command

    Windows 2000/xp
    boot from cd and choose repair. this launches recovery console. select the appropriate installation that is listed. usually choice 1 if you only have 1 os installed. enter your password as requested. at the command prompt type: fixboot and press enter. then fixmbr and press enter. Reboot and see if that works.

    NT i cant remember the method. It's been a while since I worked with nt. If you have NT let me know and ill see if i can find it for you. That should do it.

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    If you need help with Subnetting try here>>>http://www.learntosubnet.com/.
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    I can't imagine you'd need to know anything about subnetting for the A+ test. Hell, the network+ test doesn't even go beyond the level of "what's a subnet mask?"
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    hmmm... took the core on 6th, and did have the subnetting question. Something in effect of matching particular ip to the subnet mask.
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