opinion please : CUBE or SBC?

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hi guys,

i need your opinions regarding CUBE or new SBC hardware implementation.

in our smaller cloud we have multi-vendor edge routers (vary in size) providing NAT-ed access - as we all know, those NAT-ed may drop SIP sessions - just like we having now with class 4-5 switches.

for smaller edge routers - i think implementing CUBE is not an option (multi-vendor)? or shall i create an aggregated edge router and put an SBC as the edge routers? but this could lead to a major PEs overhaul

for bigger edge routers (also in bigger cloud) - do you think its best to just create a PBR on some edge to route SIPs to an SBC router like XR-series?

and, why does asterisk works fine with those NAT? that thing is brilliant.

thanking you for giving me the opinions.
the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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