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Is BOOT.INI only used on W2K/XP systems for dual booting? or does NT use it too?


If you have a dual boot with NT and WIN9x does MSDOS.SYS control the dual boot or is there a BOOT.INI file created for NT.


What is the recommended install sequence when creating a dual boot between 9x and NT? Is it NT first then 9x?



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    It's been ahwile since I had a NT/9x dual boot system.

    1. NT uses the boot.ini.
    3. Install 9x first and then NT. To make life easier install them to seperate partitions.
    2. I don't think 9x has an OS loader, so NT would handle the dual booting.

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    It depends which OS is the "active" partition.

    If NT is active, then Boot.ini is used. It contains pointers to other bootable partitions, if you are dual booting or not, it is still read by Ntldr.

    IO.SYS loads Win '9x.
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    Doesn't msdos.sys contain a line for dual booting?

    I think it is BOOTMULTI(1, or 0)?

    Thanks for the help, I am just preparing for the OS exam.
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